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peinture abstraite

Sacred ritual

MY SACRED RITUAL (practised before each creation) - The sacred ritual is a very important process in the creation of a therapeutic work of art.. When I start a new piece,my intention is not to create art for the pleasure of creating art but to incapsulate a piece for the inward journey of helping others in the healing process. As ...

My artistic approach

My artistic approach - Each of my paintings is the fruit of my 41 years of initiatory journey to the meeting of the self, this intrasque desire that I have always had, to be born and reborn in consciousness. A path that has full meaning only if it is shared, initiatory approach and Art have one day found in my ...
artiste en peinture intuitive

The Artist

THE ARTIST KARUNA SPIRIT It all started from an oil painting by my mother, I was 5 years ord… - Thirty-six years have passed and yet I remember that as yesterday. From the top of her easel she looked at me filled with gentleness and benevolence, a maternal and protective look. I found her so beautiful with her pearly white ...

Therapeutic Artwork

THERAPEUTIC ARTWORK - Whether you are a health professional, a company or an individual, my works of art are for anyone who wants to surround themselves with vibratory energies for an emotional and spiritual well-being. I use intuitive painting, abstract art and energetic painting (based on color therapy) to create meditative and therapeutic artwork favoring the well-being, the elevation of ...
the awakening of the inner artist

The awakening of the inner artist

One year earlier…

The mental :
As long as I can remember, I have always been attracted by artistic and musical expression such as theater, dance, photography, piano, guitar, painting … Unfortunately, I am one of those born without any artistic gift. Even if I had, I have nothing interesting to express from my deep self to the rest of the world. What a disappointment and suffering to have this almost visceral need in me and to not have the qualities required to shape it into reality and be able to share it with others.


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