Einstein, in a 1950 letter wrote: “The human being is part of a whole that we call the universe, a part that has its limits in time and space. We experience ourselves, with our thoughts, our feelings, our perceptions, as if we are a separate entity and separate from the rest. But this is an optical illusion of consciousness and this illusion becomes our prison. We build a reality in which we include, through our perceptions, our desires and feelings, only ourselves, the beings and places that are close to us. Our task as human beings is to liberate ourselves from this prison and expand our circle to infinity to include, in love and compassion, all beings, nature and the universe in all its beauty. The true value of a human being is measured by his ability to free himself from his limits and to live the totality, the infinite, unlimited value of Being. If humanity wants to survive, a radically new way of being and thinking is needed. “

To all, and especially to those who wish to overcome some difficulties such as:

– Closed style of thinking
– Narrow-mindedness
– Fears, anxieties
– Psychological rigidity
– Feeling of being limited
– Fear and panic of death
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