What characterizes your artistic style?

I will speak more of an artistic mission than an artistic style. Through my works remains a real intention to accompany people towards a better well-being, an inner healing and a spiritual awakening process. I chose to use intuitive and spontaneous painting to allow others to enter their own state self-discovery. The process is quite simple and yet so difficult at the same time because it is a question of living in a way of completely letting go and allowing the magic to manifest and operate through one’s fingers and hands. One of the peculiarities and uniqueness qualities of my creations lies in the fact that they all are painted using only my fingers or a knife. I never use brushes.

How are your works therapeutic?

We need to rethink the function of works of art in our places of life, in our offices or in our public spaces. As a Gestalt Therapist by trade, I’m not in the process of creating art for art as a more traditional artist might, but rather creating art for the soul. Looking at my paintings, there is nothing to say, nothing to judge, nothing to try to figure out or understand. Instead, just simply be there in a moment with oneself and the art in a mutual silence and welcome all the messages that it will have to transmit to you. Some will see their mental agitation subside, while others will be reconnected with their joie de vivre and their energy level. Still others will see their imaginations stimulate. To each person his work. To each soul his messages. If you want to know more, click here.

How are your works unique?

A work of art expresses the creative power of the artist. All my works are the result of tuning into my creative and emotional stimulus and allowing it to burst into a moment that expresses itself on the canvas through my fingers. All my creations are unique pieces created in a single copy.

Are your works signed?

All my works are signed at the back of the canvas so that you can put your painting in any direction you wish and this, according to your tastes and moods may change day by day. My signature is always affixed on the bottom right which indicates the direction in which I painted the painting. Nevertheless, I strongly encourage you to rotate your piece regularly to see, each time, a new interpretation, new messages and new energies. The intuitive painting of non-intention guides us to that, namely, to look at his painting every day as a new blank page in order to do the same with our life.

Are all your works of art authentic?

As a painter and artist registered at the House of Artists, my paintings are entirely created in the here and now with my hands, my fingers and the knife and are never the result of any reproduction.

Will the work I order be identical to the photo published on your site?

As stipulated in article 11 of the general conditions of sale (accessible at the bottom of the page of the site), I take particular care to publish only photos of good quality which represent as closely as possible the aspect and the colors of each piece. Nevertheless, there may be very slight differences between the photo and the original.

How can I stay informed about the release of your new creations?

You can do this in two ways. The first is by going to the homepage of www.karunaspirit or www.karunaspirit.art and scrolling down to “Latest Creations”. As soon as a work is finished it is automatically displayed in this section. The second is by subscribing to my newsletter that informs you, among other things, of the release of any of my new creations.

Are your paintings sold framed?

No. I prefer to leave this to the freedom and tastes of the buyer. However, the four sides of each of my works are always painted in either in black or in the continuity of the canvas to allow the use of any colour or style of framework you may choose.

What are the prices displayed?

The prices of my works are the prices that I have set myself for my creations. Always keep in mind that when you buy a piece of art from an artist, you are buying more than just an item. You are purchasing a universe, a vision of the world, a way of life created with the combination of joy but also of difficult and painful moments. This means that by purchasing one of my paintings, you welcome to your home a small fragment of who I am, and of my journey. 

Do I have to pay the delivery fees?

This will depend on two parameters: the total amount of your order and the place of delivery:

  • Delivery charges are payable if:

– The place of delivery is in Metropolitan France or Corsica and the total amount of your order is less than 600 euros. The delivery fees to this area usually vary between 5 to 10 euros. They are calculated automatically at the time of the validation of your order (before the entering your payment information).

– The place of delivery is outside Metropolitan France or Corsica. The fees usually vary between 12 to 100 euros depending on the weight of the piece and the country of destination. These are calculated automatically at the time of the validation of your order (before entering your payment information). depending on the country and delivery address you specify on the form. All and any customs duties, local taxes or import duties remain entirely your responsibility.

  •  I offer you free delivery charges if:

– The place of delivery is in Metropolitan France or Corsica and the total amount of your order is equal to or greater than 600 euros. These fees will not be charged during the validation of your order.

What are the delivery times?

  • For delivery in France and Corsica, the delivery time by Colissimo is usually 48 hours from the day after you place your order and confirmation of payment by your bank.
  •  Regarding shipments outside Metropolitan France and Corsica, I sometimes work with international carriers such as FedEx and UPS. The delivery time can take between 4 to 10 working days. This period may vary depending on the country of destination. These carriers serve more than 200 countries and territories around the world. In case your country does not use one of these carriers, contact me by email at info@karunaspirit.com and we will find a solution.

What are the payment methods offered?

You can pay by credit card or Paypal. If you wish to pay by bank transfer then I invite you to contact me directly by phone au06 08.56.43 82 or by e-mail to info@karunaspirit.com.

Can I pay in installments?

Currently I am not able to offer you installment payment facilities. The order is settled in one single payment.

Is the payment secure?

Yes, the payment is 100% secure thanks to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology that secures the transmission of data over the internet. SSL guarantees that your data will not be fraudulently intercepted.

Can I cancel my order?

• In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, if you have a period of 14 working days from the date of delivery of your order to return the work and request a refund without penalty. I undertake to pay the costs of return in Metropolitan France. The return is to be made in the original condition and complete (packaging, easel and bag if applicable) allowing the remarketing of the work in new condition, accompanied by the purchase invoice. Damaged, dirty or incomplete pieces will not be accepted. Your right of withdrawal can be done by e-mail by writing to info@karunaspirit.com and specifying your order number in the subject of the message or by mail to:

Johanna Contat
BP 78
34280 La Grande-Motte

The amount of your order will be refunded within a maximum of seven (7) days following receipt of the work in perfect condition. If you buy a painting in your professional context and for the needs of your profession, it is not necessary to apply the right of withdrawal provided for by the Consumer Code. Only business customers can benefit from the right of withdrawal if the service or property does not fall within the scope of their activity and if their company has less than 6 employees.

Can I pick up the work I ordered directly from you?

Yes with pleasure. To do this, select the option “Removal from the artist” in the shopping cart. In this case, no shipping costs will be charged. When the work is ready I will contact you to organize our meeting at La Grande-Motte or Montpellier.

How can I stay informed about the processing of my order?

I will keep you informed by email of each stage of the processing of your order:
• As soon as you have validated your order, you will receive a first email confirming that it has been taken into account.
• You will receive a second e-mail as soon as the artwork has been shipped. In this e-mail I give you the tracking number, allowing you to track the routing of your order directly on the site of the chosen carrier.

What to do in case of non-conformity of the work with the indications on the site?

Should this exceptional situation arise, you must inform me on the day of delivery or at the latest on the first working day following delivery. You may contact me either by e-mail at info@karunaspirit.com or by phone at 06 08 56 43 82. (Attention: any claim made after this time will be rejected.) Once you have notified me in time, you must return the work as a whole and in its original packaging in Colissimo Recommended at the following address:

Johanna Contat
BP 78
34280 La Grande-Motte

The return costs will be my responsibility.


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