My artistic approach

Each of my paintings is the fruit of my 41 years of initiatory journey
to the meeting of the self
, this intrasque desire that I have always had,
to be born and reborn in consciousness.

A path that has full meaning only if it is shared, initiatory approach
and Art have one day found in my life in a point of convergence inviting me to intuitively create works mixing:

– Artistic expression
– Personal development
– Spirituality

giving birth to works of art therapeutic, vibratory and high spiritual frequencies.

My approach as an artist-therapist painter is to create and promote an art that rises towards the soul.

In this Awakening Art, I “dance” with the intuitive movements of my fingers, with the play of colors and thickness, shapes, symbols, shadows and light. The magic of each of my creations has its source in the Taoist principle of “acting in the no action”. Upstream there is always an intention on my part to create a work intended to accompany, support, guide a soul on the way towards a better well-being, an inner healing, a process of spiritual awakening.

As soon as my hands, in the intention of the heart, arise on the White Web,
then all wisdom consists in relying on the service of the Creator who acts through all my Being.

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