artiste en peinture intuitive


It all started from an oil painting
by my mother, I was 5 years ord…

Thirty-six years have passed and yet I remember that as yesterday.
From the top of her easel she looked at me filled with gentleness and benevolence, a maternal and protective look.

I found her so beautiful with her pearly white skin and her little silk scarf
colored discreetly knotted under her chin and covering her light brown hair. At that time, I was too young to realize that this painting was much more than the portrat of a beautiful villager with spaekling eyes of gaiety. In reality she represented Life in its mos joyous and luminous form. It is this joy and light that I went to reconquer during all the years that followed.

In this quest for reunion leading me to live a life of citizen of the World it is natural that I became Gestalt-therapist.

Always seeking to go further to help my clients understand the root of their suffering and support them in the best way to get rid of it, I trained along:

Family Constellation,
Traditional Yoga
and the concept of the inner child.

But it was during my three-year spiritual journey to Southeast Asia that began in 2014 that the Artist I once admired in my mother naturamm gift suddenly and unexpectedly invited me into my life.

Without any knowledge of pictorial techniques or artistic training, my fingers began to impose their choreography on the white canvas, thus breaking through 39 years of mistaken beliefs about my artistic potential.

Each painting has become for me the place of meeting and communion
with my Higer Being.

Each piece of Art I create has its states of being, its own soul, its sensitivity, its vibrations, its mysteries to pierce, its psycho-spiritual messages to discover.

But because a path has full meaning only if it is shared, from these intimate moments with my soul was born very quickly in me the desire to benefit this intuitive painting of healing to the greates number.

And everything started from an oil painting
by my mother I was 5 years old….

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